September 1st, 1997

It's a Dogs' Life

What a weekend! On Friday Hanna finally understood my less secret desires and took me home e.g. to visit her parents. Nowadays she's got certain curious habits though: earlier we always took the bus to the railway station and then went home by train. And because I'm an optimistical dog I started to hope for a nice little visit every time we went for a walk and even refused to walk anywhere else but to the bus stop. Hanna apparently had enough of these boring walks as she began to use the local railway station instead. A curious way to teach me new walking routes, hmm.

So we ran to the railway station again which wasn't very pleasant in the heat; I wish Hanna had decided to go by bus since the way to the bus stop is much shorter if you have to run. But she didn't and because of her stupidness we had to take three trains and wait for a couple of hours before we finally arrived in Kausala. Quite a lot of trouble just to avoid bus travelling should I say... Well, it was worth all the fuss after all.

On Saturday A Very Nice Person stepped in just unexpectedly: my beloved Heikki, Hanna's big brother. He rather seldom comes home nowadays and that's why I'm always bewildered of joy when he finally appears. But this time he didn't come alone: he had brought two girls with him. I didn't mind the human one since she very apparently was dog-friendly and liked me from the first second.

However, dog-friendly people quite often have a certain problem: they have dogs of their own. So it was also with this particular one and it wouldn't have been any problem at all if she hadn't brought hers along. She had, though, and I had hardly had time to realise the arrival of Heikki when a completely strange dog rushed in and straight to the kitchen which is My Place.

In that way the basis of a nice, quiet weekend was deeply shuttered and I could do nothing else but bark and hope that the stranger would be scared and go away. No, it didn't. The only thing that happened that I was taken out to the garden and thus the strange dog was allowed to take a look at the places without my being able to do anything for it.

I'm far from a jealous dog. It was anyway something else than pleasing to have to share my idol with a complete stranger. Until now I had been The Dog in Heikki's life and then suddenly he had two. And still they expect their dogs to be faithful... What annoyed me even more was that the strange dog seemed to share my feelings - she thought I was an intruder who had no rights on Heikki. Me, his family member!

Somehow the weekend just passed without any really big conflicts. But that's only because I'm of such a friendly nature and never attack anybody. Barking dogs never bite, that's me. The stranger didn't bark but bit me instead when I (in her opinion) went too near her. I do have certain rights as the owner of the house, don't I? Most of the time they separated us totally as to prevent disasters which would have been just all right if the separation hadn't meant also separating me from Heikki. It's a dog's life... in a way it's rather peaceful here in Helsinki with no strange dogs coming and going. Today I was really in need of a good day's sleep.

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