January 4th, 1999

A Dog in the Box

It's a new year again and time to be back to Helsinki. I've been away for quite a while really. Even though Hanna made just a short visit to her parents at Christmas-time and left for Helsinki as soon as she had eaten all her present chocolates she was merciful enough to let her parents take care of me until yesterday. For me it meant a holiday of two weeks which was just right after the long, dark and scary autumn in Helsinki.

Being in Kausala at Christmas time is somewhat different from my usual holidays there. Of course Christmas is something special thanks to all the food stuff. Another thing is that everybody is being more active than normally, that also as for the amount of visits we make at Christmas time. Luckily Hanna's family usually takes me with them when they go somewhere. How boring it'd be to lie alone at home and then smell that they've been somewhere special and got little something to eat, too.

I counted that we made at least four visits during the past two weeks. For me that's quite much since Hanna never takes me to four different people during two months. We got all five (or whatever) packed in the small car of Hanna's parents and off we went. To friends and relatives, mostly dog lovers who took good care of my little needs, too. Two of the places had even dogs themselves, but I'm not too good friends with them. One is old and sick and doesn't much care about me and the other is young and cares about me a bit too much. Fortunately both were mostly out of the sight (willingly or not, I don't know) and I had all the nice people only for myself.

I quite enjoyed those car ridings. You don't always know where the car takes you, but more than two people can't want to go somewhere unpleasant. But yesterday evening I had to face the truth: the bus took me and Hanna's mother to a bus station where I met Hanna with a lot of pleasure. My joy didn't last for long though. Before I could realise it Hanna's mother said good-bye and disappeared somewhere I couldn't quite see because Hanna dragged me to another bus at the same time. Suck.

I suppose people travelling with long-distance buses aren't especially dog-friendly. Not a friendly word... At first we had to share the double-seat with some stranger which was rather uncomfortable both for me and Hanna. Everything would have gone fine if Hanna had let me lie in the corridor but she wouldn't and so both her feet and me had to fit on the floor. Luckily somebody got off pretty soon and we got her place.

I wasn't the only pet on the way to Helsinki. Just when I had decided to give up and take a little nap, a cat came in. I could have done anything you know but the cat was in a box so I could quite handle the situation without saying a word to the outsiders. The cat certainly knew that I was there - and probably happy to travel in a safety box. What if I had to spend several hours in such a small box? Hmph.

After the bus we still had to take another bus and the underground to finally get home. And in the underground I saw something even stranger than the cat in the box. There was a dog in a bag! I can somehow understand that cats don't have enough own will to travel in such a thing but dogs... never. Especially as it was a dachshund. I've heard they can be rather stubborn sometimes. Not me, of course. The stranger didn't seem to be quite happy about the bag either, she tried to get out to greet me for a long time. Finally she managed to do it, but the owner put her back right away saying that she wouldn't walk home anyway. Well, sometimes I'm also tired to walk home. Still, I think I can be happy to belong to Hanna. At least she lets me walk myself and doesn't carry me around in a box.

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