November 9th, 1997

Do You Know Where I Am?

Dog's life is dull. That's what Hanna told me when I said I would start writing this diary. Well, I wouldn't mind if it was somewhat duller than it is now but it's not me who decides. Who does, I don't know. I wonder if it's got something to do with Hanna or if there is a power even higher than her. Does it matter? Hmm. If Hanna's behind all of this I could always bark at her but if it's somebody I don't know that makes things a bit more complicated.

But let's not get too philosophical. Do you remember those cardboard boxes I didn't like too much? I do. They've done something very strange. Just when I was about to get too worried about everything Hanna finally noticed I didn't feel comfortable among all those boxes. She took me to a very curious place where I hadn't ever been before - and I hadn't seen that many new people for ages. Anyway, they meant nothing for me as soon as Hanna's parents appeared from nowhere (not allowed for dogs apparently). I was absolutely bewildered of joy and kept on jumping around and wagging my tail which made people laugh at me.

More strange things were still to happen. We went all together to the bus station and after a while Hanna disappeared. Luckily I wasn't left alone though so that I could manage. It was near that I didn't anyhow because after quite a bit of waiting we entered a bus. Of course there's nothing new with buses for a world travelling dog like me. But very rarely I've had to stay in a bus for hours and even if so I've been able to take a little nap. Not there... the way was full of curves and I kept on falling down from where I was laying. Don't laugh, it really isn't too pleasant if you're trying to sleep. I thought I'd never get out from there alive, but at least we were going home so maybe it was worth it.

Sometimes I do doubt it, though. That's because I was only allowed to stay there for a very short time (a week says Hanna) and then I had to come back to Helsinki. This has been a weird autumn... some time in Helsinki, back to the country, to Helsinki, back and to Helsinki again. I'm used to quite irregular life thanks to Hanna's family which rarely stays together for more than a couple of hours a year but this still is something extraordinary.

And where did I come when I came to Helsinki? No signs of cardboard boxes - but not of Lea and Funny either or our apartment. Hanna and her mother took me to a totally strange place which I had never seen before and which smelled awkward. Yes, all of Hanna's furniture was there and so was my ball and Viivi the Bear so apparently she tried to convince me that we'd live there from then on.

So we do. There's plenty of room to play with the ball so Hanna allows me to have it whenever I like. That is very comforting of course when I'm still a bit upset. Once my water pot turned over when I was playing and Hanna wasn't too enthusiastic about that. Luckily she let me keep my ball though - it really wasn't my fault...

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