November 14th, 1997

Let's Take a Shower

Hanna's gone mad. Usually she respects my need for little of walking and a lot of sleep quite obediently. A hurried rush to the nearest forest (which really is very near) in the morning, then she rushes off herself and in the evening she's too tired (that is: lazy) to take me for a longer walk.

However, she seems to have learnt some queer new habits along with the new apartment. The first few days passed amazingly peacefully (quite a dream when I now look back at that time) and I even thought that nothing very dangerous had happened though of course it was a huge change in my life.

I made a mistake. About a week ago we went to visit that nice cheese-and-bread-and-other-nice-things-giving friend of hers again. We had only stayed there for a few minutes when Hanna took on those clothes she never wears when I'm around. Right I guessed: off she went ant left me there small and lonely and everything else you may imagine yourself.

Well, guess what we did while she was doing whatever she liked? Another friend (there seems to be a lot of them around...) came and we took a long walk together - about a half of the afternoon I'd say. Not enough with that. The humans apparently can't communicate with each other since when Hanna had come back we took the same walk again. Did they listen to my complaints? Surely not.

Actually it is a nice walk, I have to admit. But at that time I had no idea what was awaiting me. If I had, I'd probably have done my very best to avoid the shocking experience. Afterwards I had to take a shower.

A shower? Yes, you're right. Dogs do take showers. At least the ones which aren't obstinate enough to get their owners understand that dogs aren't made for showers and it's more comfortable for everybody if they forget the shower act of the walk. Because no dog likes taking a shower for sure - or at least I haven't met one so far. It's just one of those silly human inventions to avoid a bit of cleaning around.

Certain people say I look very cute while I'm waiting to take a shower. And certain people have strange bath tubs which are in their opinion suitable for dog showers because they're meant for sitting humans so they don't have to bend too much when they're washing me. Another benefit which in my opinion is a disaster though is that I'm not able to escape anywhere because the thing is too similar to a bath tub. So all I can do is to stand there and look humble and hope that everything would be over very soon. Usually it is, too - unless Hanna decides to change all of her clothes before she comes to wash me.

So of course that friend of Hanna's has got a bath tub. So did we in the old apartment as well. Luckily not in this new one as I found out on Monday. After a peaceful Sunday Hanna seemed to have got some strange ideas again and took me for as long a walk as we had done with those other people a couple of days earlier. As for time, yes. As for length - maybe twice as long as that because Hanna forced me to walk at a brisk pace nearly all the time.

Unfortunately half of me was covered by sand after the expedition so Hanna took me straight to the bathroom. A nice surprise: just a normal shower! That means that unless Hanna keeps an eye on me all the time there's no hope that I stay where she puts me (that is: under the shower). No, I prefer to escape to the other end of the bathroom or if Hanna's careless enough even out from there. The first few times I managed pretty well because Hanna was too used to the good (from her point of view) old days. Now she's started to learn that she'd better wash me right away if she doesn't want to have dirty paw steps all round the bathroom.

I'd like to know how long this sudden enthusiasm for long walks will last. Very recently it's become a bit more reasonable but there doesn't seem to be an end to it. Well, luckily it hasn't been raining for a couple of days so the bathroom has been able to rest in peace. Unfortunately not forever I'm afraid...

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