December 15th, 1997

Sleeping Forbidden

I've heard there is such a thing as women's logic. At least if you ask Finnish men. If you ask me, I might agree. Perhaps it shouldn't be restricted only to female humans but all of them. At the moment my experiment consists only of one female person so I'm not quite sure how much evidence this has.

However, my experience has lately been that Hanna's got quite an amount of women's logic. That means she's most illogical from anybody else's point of view. The Anybody Else means me of course.

Let's take sleeping on the bed for example. When I was very young and hadn't trained her enough, I was never allowed to jump onto beds. That changed some time ago at about the same time we moved to Helsinki. From then on she allowed me to jump onto her bed whenever I felt like that, both at day-time and at night. At night I didn't do it very often though since Hanna's too restless a sleeper and she always kept on kicking me.

At day-time the bed soon became one of my favourite places. There I would lie like a queen of Sweden and see the whole room at one glance. Or if I got tired to do that I might put my head down and fall asleep on the soft and warm bed.

That was in the good old days. Then one day an unknown man brought in huge parcels which later appeared to be a new bed and a sofa. Wow! Doubled possibilities for a nice sleep. Well it was... since there hadn't been any bed around for several weeks and that had been quite a disaster.

I just wonder if it's got any better. Hanna doesn't allow me to sleep on either of these pieces of furniture as cruel as it may sound. I haven't tried so much with the bed so far because Hanna always closes the bedroom door when she leaves. When she's around she's very rarely in there so I can't keep an eye on her properly if I lie on the bed.

The sofa instead soon became my favourite place at day-time when Hanna had gone somewhere. You could lay there comfortably and see if anything happened. Unfortunately Hanna also seemed to like her new sofa and she occupied it most of the time she was at home. On the other side at that time I had a free access to the sofa when I was home alone.

That's something I've now lost. It all began when I tried to jump onto the sofa while Hanna was at home. She told me to come down which I of course ignored. I had always been allowed to sleep on sofas at home. Then little by little she got angrier and I decided it was better to come down. Nowadays she always keeps an eye on me so that I can't even jump there or carefully lets the cuddles do the work for her. Suck.

Are there no rights for dogs? Apparently not. Humans can go and decide whatever they like and we just obey. If not we might lose our daily food and I really can't risk that. Not even if the alternative is to sleep on the hard and cold floor.

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