August 21st, 1997

Back to the City

Somebody killed the summer. I know, it's still so warm that I can't complain freezing under all this fur. Anyway, I had to come back to Helsinki after more than eight marvellous weeks in the countryside. And even if native city dogs may enjoy themselves seven floors above the ground, I definitely don't. Life in the country was so much simpler. People got up early enough to give me breakfast at reasonable time and I just had to look at them a bit miserably to make them feel sorry for me because of the hot weather and only walk me round the corner.

My life in Helsinki isn't at all like that as the pity is. My hostess Hanna hardly ever bothers to go to bed before midnight, and does she then wake up cheerfully at half past seven in the morning? Of course not, and I'm obliged to wait for my little something until much too late. But then again Hanna is full of energy and may even want to go for a walk of half an hour. Just unbelievable... without mentioning the ridiculously small amount of food she gives me saying I've got fatter again. Me, fat? I guess she'd better go to the optician's.

Luckily Hanna at least knows a few generous and nice people even though she's not one herself. A couple of days ago we visited one of them and did I have a good time! It didn't even matter that I had to be photographed since I don't mind it too much in normal cases (of course everybody wants to photograph my beautiful appearance) either. And this was far from a normal case. Or what else could be said when one gets amounts of bread and cheese? He did try to say it was something exceptional, but should I believe such a thing? I recognise Certain People, I do.

Hey, is there somebody saying dogs don't write personal diaries? Well, this isn't dogs' personal diaries but My Personal Diary. Maybe I should add a few words to enlighten the background of my diary.

Originally it was Hanna who, inspired by the Finnish net diary Agrippa wanted to have a virtual diary. However, she's got so many other projects going on so she wondered if I'd like to have one instead. And even if she didn't exactly say so I'm sure she meant to say that my diary would be much more intelligent, interesting and extraordinary than hers. That's because she's just a normal student but I'm not a normal dog. You'll find out why when you get to know me better.

If you still want to argue about this or dog food or anything in the world or just say hello, don't hesitate to contact me. (I'm afraid Hanna won't translate negative comments on herself correctly so please try to be a bit secretive in this matter.)

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