October 24th, 1997

Who's Afraid of a Big Black Box?

Yes, it's me again. Surprising, isn't it? Some of you have been quite worried about me recently since I haven't been hanging around on my virtual sofa very actively for weeks. Don't blame me; I love both real and virtual sofas. Hanna's the one who's been lazy. No time for my little hobbies she always says because her studies are more important.

No, she isn't so cruel that she would have let my diary dry out simply because of some French and philosophy and ethics. I haven't been hanging around in Hanna's reality for the past two weeks either but instead her parents took (better) care of me. And it's difficult enough to get her understand what I want to say when we're in the same room - I haven't even bothered to try at a distance of many kilometres.

Anyway, now I'm back to Helsinki as you may have noticed thanks to Barking in the Snow. And as long as Hanna is in her translating mood I might as well tell something else, too. I thought there was something behind my two weeks away from Helsinki because it doesn't happen very often at winter time.

During my absence there has been an invasion of cardboard boxes. They have only attacked Hanna's room though - Lea's and Funny's room is completely untouched. I do wonder what's going on... There didn't seem to be anything to eat when I came but yesterday Hanna brought a new one which smells biscuits and sugar and other nice things. Unfortunately she put a book on that one so I can't find out what it is.

I wasn't awfully happy to start the city life again and this mess doesn't make it better. As well as cardboard boxes there is also other stuff floating around so much that I don't know where to walk. Does Hanna like it when I step on her precious papers? Of course not, but what else can I do when there is no more room to walk? That's why I mostly lay on Hanna's bed and keep an eye on what is about to happen. Which isn't too much by now but you never know when it starts.

I know what suitcases are about. They take one and fill it with all kinds of stuff. Then they disappear for some time and later come back which of course makes me very happy. The trouble is that you never know how long they are going to stay away and so I have to wait and wait for days. The normal days are much more relaxing as you can at least trust that somebody comes home after a reasonable time of sleep.

I'd like to know if this is something like suitcases? If it is it must be something far more dangerous since this packing has been going on for several days now and there are so many boxes. That might mean that Hanna's going away for a long, long time. Maybe she won't ever come back? Hopefully not. Who'd take care of my meal times then? Well, there's always Lea but she doesn't seem to be very interested in feeding me. People do change, I hope.

Oh, all of this is very confusing though I'm trying my best not to show it. Yesterday evening I did though when Hanna gave me my ball which she had hidden in her closet. I don't quite understand why balls should be hidden in closets, there doesn't seem to be any sense in it since in my opinion balls are for playing and not to be kept somewhere where you can't get one when you want to. Now Hanna was kind enough to give me mine - but not to play with me. In my opinion it'd have been the least of her to do. Sometimes I do doubt if humans have any heart at all.

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