August 26th, 1997

Wet Stories

The local buses are mysterious creatures. You just jump onto one and you never know in advance where you end up. If you're a dog I mean; Hanna seems to have very fixed plans to go somewhere which unfortunately isn't every time the same place where I'd like to go. For me they're all the same: blue and hot and full of people who step on my paws or tail. So I usually pick up the first bus coming and start to run which Hanna sometimes obstinately refuses to do after me. Why? For me the concept of a "wrong bus" simply doesn't exist.

In most cases bus travelling equals with something nice to expect. That's more than fair really because bus trips as such are far from comfortable for little dogs and because I find out the destination only when we've just reached it. We might be going for a walk in the huge fields and forests of Viikki (just ask Hanna why we go there by bus...) or to visit one of Hanna's friends or her parents.

Or then we could take the bus and afterwards the ferry and go to the Suomenlinna islands for a picnic like the day before yesterday. A pleasant evening I had, too though we walked slightly too much. However, what wouldn't one suffer after a good bit of delicious ice-cream? It was also comfortably windy and cool especially for a long-haired dog like I am. Unfortunately my human company hadn't brought the practical all-year-round fur coat with them and the weather seemed to be a bit too autumn-like for them. But they only had themselves to blame! I had everything I could hope for: people around me and a soft newspaper to sleep on. Somebody did talk about reading, but at that point I was far too sleepy to listen.

Sometimes Hanna misuses my eagerness to go by bus though. Today we went to the vet's and I had no idea of it before we reached the familiar gate. At that point I of course tried to be extremely interested in the opposite direction but it was far too late. Such a thing seldom occurred while I still enjoyed the peaceful life in the country. There I simply refused to walk even to the direction of the vet's several months after I had been forced to go there. Which unfortunately resulted in going there by car which is pretty much the same as the buses but that's another story then.

Vets are friendly and gentle people. Especially at the distance of a few hundred kilometres. No no, I don't have anything against vets. They'd only better treat other dogs instead of me. For five years of my not-so-long life I was a perfectly healthy dog and I only had to fear the vaccinations every two years. But then I suddenly got diabetes because of which I even had to be treated in Helsinki over night without seeing any of my dear people for more than 24 hours. And not enough with that, a couple of months later I had to be sterilised at the same horrible place and since then I've been quite a regular visitor there though against my will of course.

Today's wasn't such a bad visit - but so only compared with my earlier nightmare & marathon visits. Hanna disappeared somewhere for nearly 45 minutes and the vet student took me to another room to examine my skin because of the itchy and red elbow skin. She looked everywhere... even at my ears though they don't have anything to do with elbows! Finally she decided it's my own fault because I've been scratching and licking my dry elbows and told me not to do it again because it only makes things worse. Do I not know myself what's best for me? Apparently not. To Hanna she told all kinds of medicine she should from now on use to make me feel better. So I still had to wait outside the chemist's and Hanna didn't come though I tried to tell her loudly I had suffered enough for today without her leaving me alone again. Maybe I really should give up scratching to avoid having to go there once more?

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