December 29th, 1997

O' Christmas Food

Christmas time was here again. Now it's all gone away which is a shame of course. I like Christmas best of the annual feasts, not least thanks to the delicious food humans like to prepare for the Christmas season.

A certain sign of the approaching Christmas is that humans start to spend more and more time in the kitchen. At the same time marvellous scents come from the oven which always makes me hope for little something. Quite often I do get something, too. Hanna's not the kindest person in this sense but her parents are nice enough to drop me some dough to lick or something even better.

This year I thought Christmas would never come. Hanna had forgotten to buy me a Christmas calendar with chocolate so I had no idea how long I'd still have to wait. My long experience as a kitchen dog didn't help much either. Hanna either wanted to cheat me and therefore didn't do any Christmas preparations at all or then she just had something more important to do.

Whatever the truth behind this strange behaviour is, my suffering was finished when Hanna finally took me to her parents a week ago. As soon as the same day Hanna baked Christmas bread and a cake. The following day was pure torture and pleasure at the same time. That means the Christmas ham was in the oven for half a day. It smelt wonderful - but nobody gave me a bit. Shameful people they are...

Apparently I missed the gingerbread cookie baking this Christmas. I used to get some of the dough and some of the baked cookies, too. Now I did get a cookie but it wasn't the same without the odour of baked cookies floating around the house. Suck.

I don't have anything against Christmas presents either. Usually I've got pretty many so I must be a popular dog. My best presents are of course something to eat, maybe a nice big cookie or a bone. Humans have a strange tradition to wrap the presents so I have to work really hard to unwrap them again. And as I always hope to find a couple of presents humans have forgotten I try to unwrap all the wrappings. So far I haven't found anything but maybe one Christmas...

The third pleasant thing with Christmas is that everybody is at home. At least sometimes. Heikki came around without any other dogs and then Hanna's parents and Hanna of course. I had a lot of work shepharding everybody, especially at night. When the last one finally fell asleep the first one soon got up and I didn't get much any sleep. Together with all the kitchen work I was dead-tired after a few days. Maybe it was a good idea to come back to Helsinki to get some rest? Though I do think that five days was much too short a time for a Christmas holidays.

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